Sunday, August 31, 2008


You: ready?
Me: Yes, I am ready.
You: I will lead the way.
Me: Part of me wants to ask where we are going; a larger part doesn't.
You: Of course you trust me?
Me: I fully surrender; I want to follow.
You: Hold my hand.
Me: (I love feeling connection through hand). You know you already hold my heart.
You: Quite the responsibility:)
Me: Well, don't drop it, or stomp on it. Actually, it's pretty resilient these days. Want to know why?
You: I think I do; lay it on me...
Me: Because I have discovered what real Love is all about: I can't think of anything that can break my heart. Want to know why?
You: Why?
Me: Because I finally get that love does not hurt. Only attachment hurts. And true love is free.
You: Let's embark on the journey, shall we?

I take a step forward, somewhere. Doesn't really matter where;
I know it's to the perfect place.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

How I met you

You know who you are:
we are connected
I have been waiting
waiting patiently
yet I was unready
for you
until this very time
I am open now
ready, ripe to receive
your offering
gifts of you
You know who you are
because you have already
my sphere
I feel your Presence
Please accept my invitation:
step across the threshold
into my heart
through the door I leave wide open
for you
to make yourself at Home.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Observations of late...

As I was driving through a neighbourhood enroute to class
a sight caught and held my attention:
two girls about eight years old,pals,walking home from school
with freezies dangling mouth to knee.
Freezies wobbling as they walked.
I wanted to stop my car and join the freezie-fest.

I rode my bike along the lake a while back
it was not the lake that grabbed my senses
something else seized my peripheral vision
Boy on bike,
pedalling with all his might to catch up to me,
which he did.
I suppose I looked like fair competition and I was game.
As he rode beside me we talked
I asked him: "why don't you wear a helmet?"
Quick to respond: "because I am old enough not to"
monkey see, monkey do, as I was not wearing mine:
Nervetheless I questioned why he thought it might be
a good idea to wear one
and on the conversation went as we cycled side by side.
Of course the sand of his attention span reached the bottom
of the hourglass. My time was up and he sped away.
I tried my darndest to not
pedal up to him, so he could win his race.
I had so much fun.

I crawled inside a tepee on Aboriginal Day
lay down on the grass, feeling the space,
looking up and around
Two girls entered minutes later, around six I guessed,
newly met 'friends' they seemed.
They had Playful written on their foreheads
so I asked if they wanted to dance
dance for me
with the typical un-selfconsciousness of the young
(which ebbs away as we mature- lucky are those who rediscover the wonderful tides of acting from heart, without much care for judgment)
they began to dance, wrestle, tickle,
nudging each other
Front row center ticket for a magical show
of innocence and play
I couldn't help but pull out my camera
and as I clicked away
one thought dominated:
How much I would love to have real playtime
with my Mate

Recent discovery:
moving my body
in free expression
listening to where it wants to go,
sometimes to music, or during Nia class,
or in silence, at times outdoors.
Often I dance for highest Spirit,
other times I dance for me.

I am observing quite often these days,
to see what it is that occupies my heart most of the time.

And most of the time it's the kid in me
who wants to come out and have fun.
Who did not get enough playtime
all those years ago. And the part of me- the real me
that needs to come out uncensored.
Act freely, say what I want to say, laugh,
dance if I feel like it, express in the ways that feel
right for me.
Fully aligned with my spirit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ask away....

Ask me who I am and I may respond with
“Who am I? I have been searching:
What can I bring
to the banquet table, this feast called life?

Ask me if I love you:
You won’t need to ask.

Ask me to feed you,
I will nourish you with caresses
And as I listen deeply to the words of your heart and soul
You will know that I hear you.

Ask me where we are headed
and I will surely say:
to the unknown
all I know is we are on the path together,
ambling forward
side by side
sometimes nudging each other along.

Ask me if I want to play:
I readily engage,
laugh some ripples into our abs
Fun, with you, makes me a kid.

Ask me to teach you:
I am honoured to share what I have learned
along my walks
And I want to absorb the learnings
you impart my way.

Ask me what I desire as a treat,
I will ask you to play me music or sing to me:
a tune that plucks at my soul strings
perhaps one that makes me smile;
You can read my mood!
I will ask you to read some words to me,
strung together in a way that rings
these eager ears then vibrates down to my heart
I will say “let’s just sit in one another’s presence”,
connect in silence,
a silence replete with resonance.
Even when we are apart
we can feel the energy between us.

You ask me to receive your giving
because you have joy in your giving
And I gladly receive.
I ask you to receive my giving
Because there is so much joy in my giving
to you.

Ask me whether I am happy to be with you:
you will feel my heart smile.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why do I have to...

Why do I have to:

Pick up a styrofoam object someone just tossed onto a pristine forest path?

Help my mom clean cigarette butts that do helicopter spirals onto her balcony daily?

Give my blessings to roadkill I drive by or over multiple times weekly?

Sit in the presence of a placid lake, basking in a Silence that is permeated with shotgun motorboats?

Inhale extra carbon monoxide coughed by an idling SUV, awaiting its owner to emerge from said establishment with a latte?

Listen to "news" littered with wrongdoings, all sorts of happenings that wear at my soul?

Buy into the economics of being part of the demand for the supply of cheaply made "essentials" ?

Be in a world where governments dedicate most of their budgets on ammunition, and other non peaceful endeavours?

Why do I need to:

Walk with an open heart, chin-up in this 'Kaliyuga' era?
Continue to embrace hope?
Try my best to filter the ugliness, let in all the beauty?
Try my darndest to be the change I want to see?
Extract daily joy from my connections with other conscious individuals?


I choose, one day, one lifetime, to inhabit a Mother Earth where everything and everyone lives in harmony. Resonance. As one.