Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am thinking that I do not know
the real meaning of hunger,
because I have never felt real hunger.
The kind wherein my daily food ration is one cup of rice.
Sure I have fasted for cleansing purposes,
though not for more than a day.
The brown rice cleanse
which I have done several times
has one eating nothing but brown rice
for ten days. One can eat copious amounts
of rice; in spite of which one loses weight.
Speaking of losing weight. It is one of the
greatest ironies (that or imbalances),
that people in affluent societies need to diet.
Diet is not a word in the language of
many people.
When I am hungry, I have the luxury of pretty
well anything I desire at my fingertips. When many are
hungry, they do not have what their bodies need to stay
healthy. Desire vs. need.

Yes, I am lucky that I do not know
the real meaning of hunger.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Keyless World

A key to the house, a key to the car, a key for the lockbox, a key for the bank safe, a key for the gate, a key for the bicycle lock, a key for the school or gym locker, a key for the cash register, a key for the diary; even a key to the heart.

A key implies a closed or locked state, a conditioned way of living which we have devised in order to protect, secure, safeguard, bar, deter, prevent. Is it not a sad symbol that we need keys for so many things?

We can travel back to the 50's and 60's and earlier- times when we could walk out our front doors without having to turn a lock, and when we could leave the keys in our cars and pop into a store to get some provisions.

What would life be like if we didn't have to lock everything? A world of true keyless entry?

It would be a world that is a lot more free: think of the number of times you have done a U-turn because you have forgotten to lock something. Or the number of times you have locked the key in the car. Or have lost your keys. Imagine that you had no such concerns.

We would live in a state of openness; just think of the possibility of everything being left open! No barriers to entry. Including to the heart. Walking around in a trusting state, with nothing to stash, covet or safeguard.

In short, a keyless world would be Utopia. Is this too much to wish for in this lifetime? Will this be a possibility several lifetimes from now?
Is the key ingredient required to achieve this detachment?
Perhaps it will only happen when most people transform identification of Self or "I" with the body and the material (incl. possessions) to Spirit.

A keyless world, a keyless life...I think I will fall asleep tonight imagining how different life would be.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poetry about Poetry

Ambling a's
Emotive e's
Moody m's
Pirouetting p's
Releve r's
Sliding s's
Traipsing t's

A choreography of letters and words
flitting before the eyes
expression of inner reflection
recorded observations of the five senses:
The page is the stage
a word, a movement
phrases, the dances

An invitation for you:
audience, reader
to unravel pieces
strung together
in a whole,
a whole of beauty
unique to you, the beholder.
Byron, Balanchine, Graham and Oliver;
Who stirs you on stage and page?