Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Future of the Planet

Has a beginning and an end;
Where do the two points meet?
Life is a circle
The planet is life
Planet too is a circle.
That End will join Beginning is a given
just a matter of when.
Mayan calendar interpreters say 2012
Others believe the end is not in sight.
I for one see signposts popping up everywhere
pointing to a planet in blight,
with a few markers of hope.
We each have the responsibility to delve
into questions like:
Am I part of the problem or the solution?
What is my contribution
towards saving or destroying?

Whether the future looks bleak or bright,
the prescription is to live each minute to the Fullest,
to respect and honour life (= planet)
and consciously live:
Do our utmost to reduce footprint,
Do the Spiritual work.
Reduce Take and increase Give
Vote with our purchases.
Only by following this remedy
is there hope of healing
and preventing the end.
Which may be necessary
in order for emergence
of a new era.

Friday, April 25, 2008


I started to compose my writings on compose this past Sunday. Suddenly I got busy, and this became my constant state all week; it is now Friday morning and I have the pocket of time and piece of mind to put virtual pen to virtual paper.

Good thing it went this way. Because my thoughts on compose travelled along a completely different path; I was originally going to write about how parents compose their children; how they should treat childrearing like composing a magnificent piece of art. Then the universe intervened-twice this week during lunch hour I escaped from my office and drove down to this beautifully serene spot by a river a mere 5 minutes from my workplace. I love it here; I find that at times I am the only one here- Andrea's secret venue.

I spread out my blanket, stretched all limbs- sun angel. Closed the eyes and began to soak in the sun's rays. After I drifted into somewhat of a nidra state, sounds slowly started to permeate my awareness. Slight whoosh of wind, birds tweating. And most of all the rumble of the small waterfall- very close to me. I let out a sigh of pleasure; "noises" of nature make me so happy. Fill me up.
I then sensed the warmth on my skin, rays piercing all my pores. Including eyes and scalp. This is the Luxury I like!
On both days I scooped my fingers and felt the grass, pounded my feet on the earth. Made me feel primal. I am honing my primal state these days.

During the second foray here this week, oddly I plugged into my Ipod- earphones blocking out sound. I did this to feel the difference- really sense how this differed from simply listening to the sounds of nature. This is a whole other session writing.

Suddenly, on the second day I opened my eyes and eureka. I realized that the greatest composition of all time, of Earth, in this lifetime of ours ....is NATURE.

The Creator has produced a masterpiece. Esthetically pleasing, sensually stimulating, awe inspiring.

Let's all hope that we can all wake up to the beauty of it; and do our darndest to freeze frame the destruction and make improvements. If it's not too late!!!

Gotta go now, I have an appointment in 10 minutes>>>>

CU next week.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Work-in-Progress to unravel this egoic-mind web that has kept me (aka spirit) superficially secure. Years of weaving has produced one fine piece of lace, magnificently spun with threads of FEAR. No doily crocheted by anybody's grandma can match it in intricacy.

Master Weaver of illusion- MIND. The fine fear-threads have been created by a spider-mind preoccupied with the future of all sorts of possible negative outcomes. Hindsight revelation usually tells otherwise.

The unravelling process is underway and it is happening at a faster and faster pace. Nothing can reverse it now.

And what matters is HOW this fancy web is unravelling.
BY LIVING IN THE PRESENT: clean slate, tabula rasa.
This is the heart of the work-in-progress. Not always easy; remember Master Weaver is a master illusionist.

But each time I reside fully in Present and in Presence, the threads keep coming out and no new web is woven in place.
Soon, my spirit-butterfly will be freed from the web of my own design.