Friday, October 10, 2008

I started to jot down the various reasons why I would have loved
to have lived during the time of Jesus, or Buddha. Receive the
the gifts of their teachings.

Which led me to thinking about my beliefs. I do believe that Jesus
and Buddha walked this earth and gave their wisdom openly to all
who were ready to receive.
I also happen to be certain that this is not my first cycle through 'life' (can recycled be a modern expression for reincarnated?).
That I have definitely been 'around the block' a few times.
So very likely I did live during the times of Jesus, and/or Socrates, and/or Buddha and/or DaVinci...

And all of this brings me to reflecting why I have come back and keep returning: which is to learn the lessons and to evolve.
And this brings me to reflecting about evolution, which necessarily implies going/growing forward, not backwards.
Therefore, if I had to choose any time in history in which to live, I am choosing Here and Now. I feel as though I have picked up an armful of treasures on this particular journey, especially during the past three years. Lessons picked up along the way which have propelled me several rungs upwards on the Ladder and when I look up from my current station I see there are more rungs to go- along this and future journeys. I am now eager to accelerate the pace and fast track to....
that special Place where I can take up permanent residence.
You may know of it; I have met others who have the same desire to move There.

Happy Giving Thanks Day!