Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Grocery List

Dancing, with heart
Getting onto my yoga mat
Physical intimacy:the caliber where the worlds stops turning,
we are One
Wind, rain, my trees, sunset and rise, moons, forests, mountains
Oh yes, the sound of loons
which goes hand in hand with waking up in a cottage by a lake
Falling asleep enveloped in velvety darkness, away from urban light pollution
Stargazing in the wilderness, getting lost in the zillions
Stroking a cat, feeling it's purr pulse with my hands or ear
Snuggling up to it's warmth
Dipping under surface and blowing bubbles , watching them rise to the surface,
Floating on my back, ears completely submerged listening to Breath
My instrument; the gong. Feeling it vibrate with my vibration,
vice versa
My two other instruments: hands. Creating. Something or other
Absorbing the oh so resonating words of my spiritual teacher:
I love him.
My therapists (I love them)
Laughing, being silly
Playing like a kid
Nurturance from friend or family
Books: usually five-on-the-go. Poetry.
Cemetary: shh, the quiet
or any sacred place, where the spiritual have walked, or sat.

As I write, I realize that all of these are external things:
Outside of Me.
I am waking up to the fact that there is only one true solace:
Inside of Me.
It is from within that I truly know ‘this too shall pass’ in moments of grief, adversity
even though I sometimes need the reminder; like recently when R. reminded me.
It is only from within that I understand in that moment of Stress:it’s only my reaction to the situation. It’s always my choice.
Within is the only place to find the real quiet. Where I can find real love. Where I can connect with deep breath.
( So many times I have been informed:
is the frequent flyer ticket
to this magical place)
Trying, trying. More, more I visit my place of solace.