Friday, May 30, 2008


Curve of:
lips, sensual, lament for my lips

smile, electric, spreads my smile

nape, vulnerable, waits for my whisper

spine, undulating, beckons my body

fingers, shapely, tempt my touch

hip, smooth, guides my gaze

eyes, deep, invite my inquiry

heart, hooks my heart

Two S's merging into one.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Watch your thoughts

They become words

Watch your words

They become actions

Watch your actions

They become your character

Watch your character

It becomes your destiny.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Inhale inflate my lungs duck-chest ballooned with air twree, two, twone, ready runway clear, lift-off catch the wind, up, up, open sails wide ah, floating on the draft hello monarchs; headin’ back north? how was Mejico? hey red-winged blackbird; lookin' for a mate? so pretty you are, zoom follow one of my kind; not feelin’ the attraction never mind, will find a partner soon I'm lookin’ kind a bright and colourful these days if I must chirp so myself uh,oh, gotta dip, see a v-formation coming, feelin' kinda tired, maybe I'll hitch a ride on their drag, free lift, coast for a while, Spring my favorite time ever; lots of action, get to hang with all my friends, okay good-bye Canada geese, breakin’ out on my own again, hungry; swoop, there, gulp twree wrigglies, store in my belly for later, back up I go, whoosh, just in time, there run the furry four legged friends, the barky ones try to chase me, the meowy ones try to eat me, keep my distance, the two legged ones are okay, don’t bother me except when they try to shoot my friends, strange how they bend down and pick up after four legged barky does his business, look how they get hauled by a rope attached to barky, slaves, gotta aim higher, can’t breathe here, nasty all those metal boxes with wheels; more and more every time I come back, dirty air, can’t breathe, soaring higher and higher, far above puffy fluffy blankets of wet, away, away, aim for water, up north, I can get there today, maybe tomorrow to the big mount with all the trees, or see my friends in the field, or the quiet place with all the big stones poking up from earth, or…or …or…f r e e d o m

Friday, May 9, 2008


Used to be, next best thing to being there. Maybe these days, replacing being there?

The telephone is what I avoid the most when I kick off my shoes after coming home. For me, it represents one of the channels of communication that seems to be a constant in life these days- alongside email, internet. Necessary, useful, powerful yet intrusive.
Perhaps my attitude is a result of the fact that I am a professional in Information Technology; essentially always 'on call.'

Sadly, these channels have replaced human interaction; many hide behind these modes of communication.
One of the geatest inventions, the telephone; yet I ask myself these days whether Alexander Graham Bell is frowning upon us from yonder, when he sees people dining together talking on their respective cell phones (it is impossible to write about telephone and not mention cell phone). Ironic that the device which brought people together, now also renders them apart? Cell phones have become another appendage; perhaps a third ear, a second mouth, a third hand...

I heard a ways back that certain restaurants in California had smoking -cell phone, smoking- non-cell phone, non-smoking cell phone and non-smoking non-cell phone seating areas. Obviously this was back in the days before the complete ban on indoor smoking. Can cell phones be lumped into same category as cigarettes; an addiction? A form of escapism and entertainment while driving, standing in line, in waiting rooms? Tool to take people away from the present moment/company?

Global phenomenon. Actually, cell phone use is more widespread in other parts of the world where land lines are too expensive and not feasible. In India (was just there January), I stayed at a yoga university near Bangalore and I was astonished to find that the students were answering their cell phones in class- even when we were practicing asanas. And the students were Indian; very few 'foreigners' attended this university/ashram.

Don't get me wrong, cell phones have their importance. For car emergencies for example. Business.

Telephone features. Lots of features offered in bundled packages. The one Big Bugaboo for me is Call Waiting. It is a symptom of humankind's current state of need for instant gratification, of ADD. I reflect on my childhood; when we called someone and the line went beep-beep-beep it meant that person was on the phone. If it went ring -ring-ring and no answer, it meant that the other person was away from home or engaged in something or simply did not want to answer. Either way, they weren't available.
When I am in the throes of a conversation with someone who then puts me 'on HOLD' to take another personal call, my instinct is to end the call. I feel as though it has taken away from what we are presently engaged in, the flow has been disturbed.
As harsh as my stance is about generic personal use, there are a few merits to having call waiting: perhaps for private business owners or for emergency purposes.

I must sign off now, as the phone is ringing. Actually, need to head to work, where I have made it a personal practice to get out of my chair and go to speak to someone personally. At least four times per day. Love the human interaction.